CorporateIf you’re looking for an entertainer destined to make your next corporate event a rousing success, look no further. With an eagle’s eye for the comedy in any situation let Adam Fields take care of the funny, you take care of the business.

Adam describes himself as more of a “stand-up chameleon” as he always adapts his shows to suit the audience, occasion and surroundings. He will write material specifically suited to your group, business, event or gathering.

Whether as a host or closing act at a conference or business meeting, or as the evening entertainment for your company party, he always manages to hit the right tone and liven up any event.


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Here’s what they’re saying about Adam’s show:

‘Adam is the go-to comedian for any type of crowd, for any type of event. All of Robin Radar loved his (custombuilt for us!) show!’  – Wendeline de Cuba, Robin Radar Systems

‘We asked Adam to beef up our New Years Toast company meeting with a show that was both funny and connected to the day to day challenges of the team during Covid. Boy did he nail it! Both the Zoom and the live crowd loved him’ – Laurens Leurink, CEO

‘Who knew mathematics and computer science could be so funny. Thanks Adam!’  – Daniëlle Kollerie, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica

‘Adam Fields made our end of the workweek full of laughter. Unforgettably funny!’  – Pascal van Dam, Briddge Legal & Finance

‘We really enjoyed Adam’s show! He made everyone laugh in the room with his witty humour and culturally rooted jokes. We will definitely work with him in the future!’  – Alejandra Buitrago, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 

‘Adam was brilliant in his closing of the NAV TechDays conference. He’s a funny and professional guy to work with.’  – Luc van Dyck, NAV Techdays

‘People really enjoyed your show, even the ones who were the object of your jokes :) Also great that you added a personal touch and had some “ebuddy” jokes, we absolutely adored them.’  – Oleksandra Grudska, eBuddy

‘You were great and the audience loved you. You were voted most favorite part of the day. Thank you for this piece of nerdy comedy.’  – Katrien Wemel, iMinds

‘The day after people were still talking about your performance and reciting your jokes.’ – Rogier Guns, Philips 

‘Adam’s passion and dedication to give an audience a memorable show is inspiring to work with. Everyone had a blast.’  – Marjolijn Desmet, SYNC

‘Fun was had by all, especially laughing at the cultural differences and similarities. Great gig. Can totally recommend.’  – Simon Crofts, Honeywell

‘Loved your show.’  – Mieke Pauwels, CIOnet

‘It is always a risk working with people one does not know. Certainly when they are comedians. I must say that from the first moment we met, I had the confidence the chemistry would work. This is because of your curiosity, your interest in the business we are in and your contributions to bring in the fun parts where possible. While this was a business oriented show, you found the balance between humor and respect to the people presenting and in the audience. I only received complements! In other words you did a great job.’ – Luc van Overmeiren, ORACLE

‘In December 2014, we invited Adam Fields to perform during our annual African Ambassadors’ Day, a networking day between African Embassies and Dutch Companies. Due to the high-level audience, we wanted to avoid any sensitive (political, racial, sexual etc.) subjects. Adam did so. In fact, he blew us away. Adam’s performance was a perfect icebreaker that transformed a formal event into a pleasant informal setting that without doubt contributed to the enhancement of doing business.’  – Maryn Kleingeld, Netherlands-African Business Council

‘Adam’s performance was fantastic! It was a brilliant closing of the day. There was a huge amount of laughter and we were still laughing during drinks and dinner afterwards.’ – Sena Çetinel-Kloeten, Robeco

‘Adam is a great performer. The audience was treated to a marvelous intimate show! Completely focused on the audience and their work surroundings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.’  – Avital Lievendag, ICT Open 2015

Adam has entertained some of the largest companies in the world including: